What is a "credit" and why would I need one?

Supzy allows you to purchase "credits" to upgrade your account from free or preferred status to premium status. Premium accounts have extra features, in particular the ability to combine data from multiple Supzy users into a group view. One Supzy credit gives you one month of premium membership, or allows you to add another unique user to your group(s) for one month.

Supzy Credit Management

On your Account page, a summary of available credits and upcoming billing dates are available. You should actively manage your credit balance – if the number of users assigned to groups is less than the available amount of credits, you will be warned about potential loss of functionality. Consider purchasing credits in advance to keep your account at the premium level.

Adding Credits

You can easily add credits to your account at any time and for any purpose, such as adding members to a group, purchasing additional months of premium membership in advance, etc. Note that when you add credits to your account, if your account was not already premium then credit(s) will be automatically deducted to restore your account to premium status. The number of credits deducted will be the usual amount (one credit for yourself, and one credit for each unique group member, if any). For example, if your account is currently free and you have no groups, then purchasing 5 credits will result in one credit being automatically deducted. Your account balance will display 4.00 credits and your account status will be automatically upgraded to “premium.”

Note that Supzy does not handle payments directly; rather, you may purchase credits using a payment provider you choose from the list of providers available (currently PayPal). At no time does Supzy see or store your credit card or banking information.

Removing Credits

As a general rule, refunds are not given for credits. Contact us for assistance if you have questions regarding this policy.

If a refund is issued, fees may be deducted for the refund up to 25% of the total amount refunded.