Premium Plan Details

Your account becomes premium after you purchase at least one User Credit (Credit). If you have existing groups (because you were trying out the Supzy demo or because you were previously a premium user), you will need to purchase a total of one Credit for each unique group user (including yourself).

  • A Credit consists of a full month term of premium membership for one user, or one month of access to group functionality for one Group Member.
  • Billing is from the date you first upgrade to premium status to the same day of the next month (for example, if you upgrade on March 19th, Supzy will attempt to deduct another credit on April 19th).
  • As a premium user, you can create Groups and invite and add members to those Groups.
  • Each billing period, one User Credit will be deducted from your account for each unique Group Member (including yourself). If a Group Member is in more than one of your groups, the Member is counted as a single unique Group Member for credit deduction purposes.
  • Group Member credits are deducted (on a prorated basis) for the current month when the member actually joins your group, not when the invitation is sent.
  • If you have no groups, Supzy will attempt to deduct one User Credit to maintain premium account status for your personal account.
  • The billing cycle is established by the date on which your account was upgraded to premium status – you will be billed again on the same day on the following month.

Supzy Premium Plan Renewal

Supzy will automatically renew your account’s premium status each month, as long as you have sufficient Credits in your account. Note that Supzy does not bill you directly – you purchase credits at your discretion.

On the billing date, Credits are deducted from your account as follows:

  • If you have one or more group(s), Supzy will attempt to deduct one User Credit for each unique Group User (including yourself) to maintain premium account status for your account.
  • If you have no groups, Supzy will attempt to deduct one User Credit to maintain premium account status for your account.
  • Credits are not renewed automatically – if you need more credits, you must purchase them before you can use them.
  • If you are using groups, you must be sure to purchase enough credits to cover each unique member of your groups (including yourself) in order to maintain premium status.

Downgrading Your Account

If you do not wish to continue using premium features, Supzy will automatically downgrade your account when there are no longer sufficient credits to maintain premium status. Since you can add credits at any time, you can purchase new credits on a month-to-month basis if you prefer to minimize the chance of purchasing more credits than you need.

If your account does not contain sufficient credits to maintain premium status on a billing date, your account will be downgraded to “preferred” and all owned groups disabled. Disabled groups have the following features:

  • Groups become read-only, meaning that new Group Member posts will not be added to the group.
  • All group operations other than removing group users and deleting groups are disabled.
  • You will not be allowed to export data from disabled groups.

If your account has been downgraded to “preferred” status, only the ability to remove users from the group or delete the group will be available until the following requirements are satisfied:

  • Unique user count is below the number of available credits, or
  • All groups have been removed, or
  • The account balance is “topped up” with sufficient credit to cover all unique users.