Supzy offers two basic account types - free and premium. If you let your premium account expire, it will be downgraded to a preferred account, which will retain certain benefits over a simple free account. See below for more details.

Free Account

For personal use, Supzy is free. You can use the web and desktop application functionality for any purpose, including commercial use. Some advanced features are not available, such as creating groups. Note that free users may participate in groups, but may not create their own groups.

Premium Account (Paid)

If you want to use Supzy to combine sups from multiple people into one or more groups, purchase credits from Supzy to upgrade your account to premium status. Premium status is automatically maintained as long as you keep sufficient credits in your account. See How does billing work? for more information on billing.

  • Supzy Premium users are able to export entries from the website.
  • Coming soon: Supzy Premium users will have access to reports and analysis of their entries.

Premium Account (Trial Period)

You can try Supzy Premium for free – just create a Group to automatically enable the trial period.

  • The trial period lasts for 7 calendar days.
  • There is no charge for the trial period.
  • The trial period is only offered once and cannot be extended.
  • The trial period offers a period to experience the full functionality of a premium account.
  • Once the trial period ends, group features (other than reading existing entries) will be locked until you purchase sufficient Credits to enable premium status.

Preferred Account

If you upgrade to a premium account for at least one month, certain upgraded features such as the ability to export from the web will remain available to your for your account's lifetime even if you decide not to continue using a premium account.