How do I post a sup in the Supzy application?

1. Download the app for your computer and install it. (Sign up if you haven't already - you'll need your username and password.)


2. Log in to the Supzy application using the same username and password you selected during signup.


3. Type in your sup and hit enter.  (At any time after you are signed in to the Supzy app, you may enter a new sup by clicking the Supzy icon in your computer's system tray.)


4. Your sup will show up right away on your private Supzy web page, or in the history of your application.

How do I post a sup on the web?


1. Log in to Supzy with your account. (Sign up if you haven't already!)

2. On the left side, under your username, you'll see a box for entering a new sup.

3. Click Post Sup.

4. You'll see the sup show up in your private Supzy page. You'll also see it in your desktop application's history after you synchronize.