What's Supzy, Anyway?

With Supzy you can record what you’re up to with short messages. Your updates can be synced between devices and the web, shared with groups, and published to the world using a fun, powerful platform that’s private and secure. Best of all, you own your data.

Is it easy to use?

Sure is! You can use Supzy with your computer - whether it's a Mac or a PC. You can use a web browser, including on your tablet or phone. You can publish your updates, also called sups, to the world, on Groups, or keep them to yourself.


A sup? What is that?

When you post an update on Supzy, it's a brief message called a sup. Why? It's a contraction of the phrase, "What's up?" - or "Sup?" The great thing about all your sups is that you're building a great collection of them that you can use in many different ways. 

Can everyone see my sups?

Not unless you want them to! A sup is just for your use, so when you sup - you can make it public, or keep it private. 

Can I delete a sup?

Nope, but it doesn't matter, because it's private, unless you make it public. If you want to hide a public sup, you can easily just remove it from your public profile. 

Does it cost anything?

No, Supzy is absolutely free. If you want to use a group, we offer a professional version that offers more features, but Supzy is free for everyone to use.